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Hanukkah Pajamas 2022

I started tradition of buying my kids Hanukkah pajamas years ago and I love it! Over the year more and more companies have offered Chanukah pajamas. There are Hanukkah onesies, toddler sizes, kids sized Hanukkah pj’s, and of course matching adult sizes. We have yet to buy matching family pajamas, but you never know maybe this will be the year.

This is my updated list of Hanukkah pajamas 2022, I’ll do my best to update it as the season goes on. I’d also recommend keeping on eye on Zulily, they have ever changing stock, but definitely have Hanukkah things now and then.

Mom Tip:  Buy PJ’s that are a size bigger, so you can use them next year too.

More Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah

How to Play Dreidel Printable – learn to play dreidel, this post includes printable instructions

Hanukkah: The Basics – What is Hanukkah? How do we celebrate Hanukkah? What do we eat on Hanukkah?

Hanukkah Activities for Preschoolers – Fun number and matching activities

Hanukkah TV Episodes for Kids 2021 – Yes, there are Hanukkah episodes of kids tv shows. I’ll give you a summary of the episode and where to find them.

Amazon Hanukkah Pajamas

  1. Supmatchy Family Hanukkah Matching Clothes Sets
  2. Happy Hanukkah Kid Onesie Menorah Flapjack
  3. Happy Dreidels – Ugly Hanukkah Kids Shirt & Pants Set (Also Available in PINK!)
  4. The Children’s Place Family Matching Hanukkah Pajamas Sets, Snug Fit 100% Cotton, Adult, Big Kid, Toddler, Baby

Old Navy

Target – (Pajamas & Some Clothes)

Little Sleepies


Carters – Family Matching Dreidel Pajamas (Baby, Toddler, Kids, Adults)

Carters – Happy Hanukkah Mickey & Minnie Shirt – Toddler, Kids


The Tot

Children’s Place Hanukkah Pajamas


  1. Carter’s – Hanukkah 2-Way Zip Sleeper

Etsy Hanukkah Pajamas

  1. Personalized Menorah Baby, Toddler or Kids Hanukkah Pjs
  2. Family Happy Hanukkah Pjs Set Green

Chosen Threads

  1. Chosen Threads – Llamukkah Pajamukkah Snug Fit Pjs
  2. Chosen Threads – Light Up the Night Snug Fit Unisex PJs

Hanna Andersson

  1. hanna andersson – Children’s Menorah Pajamas
  2. hanna andersson – Children’s Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton

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