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Hanukkah TV Episodes

Hanukkah TV Episodes for Kids 2021

Every year that are one or two new Hanukkah TV episodes of kids TV shows. I have created this list of all the Hanukkah TV episodes I could find with where to watch them and a description of each show. I use this list every year myself while dodging Christmas episodes of my kids’ favorite

Hanukkah Pajamas 2021

Hanukkah Pajamas 2021

I started tradition of buying my kids Hanukkah pajamas years ago and I love it! Over the year more and more companies have offered Chanukah pajamas. There are Hanukkah onesies, toddler sizes, kids sized Hanukkah pj’s, and of course matching adult sizes. We have yet to buy matching family pajamas, but you never know maybe

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