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A Hanukkah That’s Not About Presents

Does anyone else feel like Hanukkah has turned into eight nights of gimmes instead of eight nights of celebrating Hanukkah? Here is my best advice for creating a Hanukkah that’s not about presents. What is the purpose of Hanukkah? Sometimes to get back to the real meaning of things, you need to take things down… Continue reading A Hanukkah That’s Not About Presents

Hanukkah Zoom Backgrounds

Hanukkah Zoom Backgrounds

I’ve created these Hanukkah Zoom Backgrounds to help you digitally decorate for the most popular Jewish Holiday. My family will be celebrating Hanukkah virtually this year and I’m sure plenty co-workers will be sporting their Christmas cheer. Time to join the fun and represent our Jewish traditions. I have created these 9 Hanukkah Zoom backgrounds… Continue reading Hanukkah Zoom Backgrounds

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