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Creative Tips for Picky Eaters

I recently posted a question on Instagram about what foods your kids won't it. It turns out that everyone has these issues. I know there are plenty of articles on the internet of how to sneak healthy foods into your kid's diet, but here are my tricks. 1. Get Perspective - If you talk to… Continue reading Creative Tips for Picky Eaters

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Ikea Trip With The Kiddos

Sometimes summer calls for indoor activities, so we headed to IKEA to do some exploring.  We got to go for a long walk, open drawers, climb on couches, eat a yummy lunch, and buy some great stuff. Check out my video of our adventure.

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Visual Summer Calendar 2018

My daughter's preschool teacher gave a visual calendar every month with what they'd be doing at school.  My kids loved looking at the calendar to see what was happening today and what was coming up.  After school ended, I asked her for the file she used and she gave me permission to share it with… Continue reading Visual Summer Calendar 2018

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Visual Packing Lists for Kids

I love getting my kids involved and challenged in our every day life. Today we needed to pack for a trip, so I created these Visual Packing Lists.  My kids have different skill levels, so I created two different models.  Both files are FREE for download and fully customizable on Microsoft Word or Google Docs.… Continue reading Visual Packing Lists for Kids