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Jewish Kids from Scratch

Jewish Education at Home

Jewish Education at Home

When it comes to giving my kids a Jewish education, our temple’s Sunday school has always been the focus. For me the most important part of my kids’ Jewish education is feeling like part of the Jewish community and the only way you can do that is by being part of one. During the pandemic our Sunday school has moved online. The teachers work so hard to keep things engaging, I’ve needed to supplement a bit more at home. These items below will help you with all aspects of your child’s Jewish education at home. This includes Jewish holidays, Hebrew, and ethics.

Looking for a religious school in your area? I was raised going to a Reform temple and that’s how we’re raising our kids. Our temple focusing on making Sunday school emphasizes Jewish values as well as teaching Torah, holidays, Hebrew, etc. Find a local Reform congregation here.

Jewish Education at Home

1. Jewish Holiday Memory Game – Playing this memory game together is a great way to introduce and become familiar with all of the ritual objects we use for our holidays. They’ll learn to recognize a lulav & etrog, braided candle for havdalah, and more.

2. What Should Darla Do? & What Should Danny Do? – These books are interactive choose-your-own-adventure books that take these kids through various ethical scenarios each of which effects how the rest of their day pans out. They include things like telling the truth, dealing with jealousy, and more.

3. PJ Library – PJ Library is a service that sends a free Jewish book to each of your kids every month. The books are chosen to be appropriate for you children’s ages and cover topics from Torah stories, Jewish holidays, multi-cultural stories, classic Jewish folklore and more. They also offer wonderful educational resources and local events.

4. Hebrew Alef Bet Alphabet Bundle – These Alef Bet worksheets will help you kids learn and practice all their Hebrew letter sounds. It includes a variety of exercises for each letter.

5. Hebrew Aleph Bet Flash Cards Set: Alef Bet Flash Cards, Aleph Bet Learning Board and Aleph-Bet Reading Wheel– Practicing combining letters and vowels is a vital part of learning to read Hebrew. These wheels are a great interactive way to practice those skills.

6. Parsha Comics – Artist Andrew Galitzer makes comics to educate people of all ages on the weekly Parsha and holidays. Every week he makes an original Parsha comic summarizing the entire Parsha into one easy to read page. Sign up for a yearly membership and get a full color and coloring page version every week. He also offers comic workshops and drawing classes.

Jewish Education Videos

A Jewish education at home is not complete without some YouTube. Videos absolutely count as educational materials. Here are some of my favorites.

More Jewish Educational Content

I started my series called Jewish Kids From Scratch in 2019 to help out parents who are raising Jewish kids, but weren’t raised Jewish or just needs some brushing up on the details. I have created videos with the basics of (almost) every Jewish holidays. They break down what each holiday is, how we celebrate, and what we eat. I also have sing-along videos for the Shabbat and Hanukkah blessings and a tutorial on how to play dreidel. If you or your kiddo are looking for information on something that you don’t see in my videos or blogs, please reach out. I’d love to help you out.

Torah: The Basics

Shabbat Blessings Sing-along Playlist

Rosh Hashanah: The Basics

Days of Awe: The Work of T’Shuvah / Jewish Forgiveness

Yom Kippur: The Basics

Hanukkah: The Basics

What is Tu Bishvat?

Purim: The Basics

Passover: The Basics

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Don’t forget to sign up for PJ Library. They send your child a FREE Jewish book every month.



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