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Mother’s Day for a Jewish Mom

Mother's Day for a Jewish Mom

After all of these long weeks of social distancing, no one needs more appreciation than the moms in our lives. I don’t know how Mother’s Day was started, but it couldn’t be better timed this year. We don’t often make a big deal out of Mother’s Day in our house, but I do love getting those handmade gifts and cards that the kids make at school. Unfortunately, that’s not happening this year. I have created my Mother’s Day for a Jewish Mom guide to help all the dad’s out there make mother’s day special even if you can’t go out for brunch.

  1. My Mom Is The Best Questionaire – This is the one thing I asked my husband for this year. There is something so special about having your kids tell you what they love about you. The set I’ve linked here includes sheets for Bubbe and Safta, as well as coloring sheets.

2. Portable Hammock – This hammock from Amazon has been our whole families favorite purchase in a long time. Just a few minutes in here can help me escape my day and the kids like to use it as a swing. It comes in many colors, is very sturdy, and portable. I’ve even considered bringing it inside when the weather is b

3. Egg Carton Flowers – All mom’s love flowers and these are made of recycled materials and require no artistic ability. Give the kids some paint and an egg carton and let them smush away.

4. *REAL* New York Bagels – Yep, you can get real New York bagels delivered for Mother’s Day Brunch. Goodbelly is a food delivery service that ships specialty foods from restaurants all over the country. This is great for a mom who loves traveling to try new foods, a mom who misses her hometown specialties, or maybe she’d just love some authentic black & white cookies.

5. Mother’s Day Card Coloring Pages – The easiest Mother’s Day card is one you print out and have your kids color. Handmade cards are the best and it’ll keep your kids busy for a couple of minutes.

6. Apple Airpods Pro – Airpods are the key to my sanity. I often have one airpod in my ear, so I can listen to a podcast while “watching” tv with the kids. I love that these new pro ones are noise cancelling to get a little quiet time.

7. Ima Necklace – Ima means “mom” in Hebrew. I love wearing jewelry that is recognizably Jewish and holds personal meaning. I love this company and wear their “anything is possible” necklace every day.

8. Tissue Paper Flowers – Rummage through all those gift bags that your mom has saved and turn the tissue paper into these beautiful flowers. This is a great craft for older kids to do on their own too.

9. Popsicle Stick Handprint Flowers – I love looking back on handprint crafts to see how tiny my kids’ hands were. I love this version of a handprint craft because it doesn’t involve paint. Just trace and cut.

10. Best Ever Muffin Recipe – Mother’s Day brunch can always include some homemade baked goods. This recipe uses basic ingredients, is easy to follow, and can be customized into whatever your family favorite muffin is. I suspect my kids would vote for chocolate chip.

Need an activity for Mother’s Day? Try this Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt.



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