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Summer Essentials @ Target

I love summer with kids.  It’s so much easier to get out of the house without jackets and without the pressure of school.  Of course, it also means I need to keep my kids busy.  Here are some of my tried and true essentials that things running smoothly.

Summer Shoes

These close-toed sandals from Target were our favorite shoes last year, so we’re getting them again this year.  The kids can run and play without risk of tripping like with regular candles.  They can get wet.  I’m pretty sure I even threw them in the washing machine a time or two last year.

Bubble Machine

Every kid loves bubbles, but they can be messing and frustrating.  This bubble machine is a great way to keep the kids busy without having to supervise every minute.  I like to switch in on while I’m unloading groceries.  They get some great outdoor time and I can get away with only lightly monitoring the situation.

Sidewalk Chalk

My kids love getting outside and drawing.  It’s an activity that can last a long time or when you just need a little outside time before bed.  We take turns drawing, practice writing, and play hop-scotch. 

Long-Sleeved Swimwear & Rash Guards

We like to go to the pool and the beach in the summer and because sun safety is always on my mind, I love swim suits with sleeves. It’s hard enough to make sure that the kids are covered with sunblock and re-covered with sunblock. These suits make sure that a lot more of them is safe and these days there are so many cute options.

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