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Jewish Calendar 2020-2021

Jewish Calender 2020-2021

I always say that the first step to celebrating Jewish holidays is to know when they are. Of course, knowing when holidays are is not that easy. They move around every year. I’ve created this easy Jewish Calendar 2020-2021 of all the Jewish holidays and easy ways to honor them. Sign up for my email list and I’ll send you the pdf.

Why Is the Jewish Calendar Different from Our Regular Calendar?

The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar calendar, so the holidays shift on the Roman calendar. One of the magical things about having our holidays follow the cycles of the moon is that many of our holidays fall on a full moon. When you’re celebrating Sukkot or Passover, you can look up in the sky and you see the glowing full moon.

Jewish Holidays Start at Sundown

All Jewish holidays start at sundown, this is another fact that can make knowing the dates of Jewish holidays confusing. Some calendars will list the “day” of the holiday when it has actually started the night before. Other calendars will specifically start at night the day before.

Learn More About Jewish Holidays

I make YouTube videos and plenty of blog posts all about how to celebrate Jewish holidays with your kids. By signing up for my emails, I’ll be sending them right to you. I’d also recommend signing up for PJ Library. It’s a service that will send an age appropriate Jewish book to your kids every month.

Jewish Calendar 2020-2021

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    I have always been interested in Jewish cultural background so my family and I keep the Sabbath as it in Jewish Tradition rather at least try to be so am willing to learn

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