Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

We love to go for walks, but it can be hard to keep it interesting for the kiddos. It's easy to find lists online for nature based scavenger hunts, but we're staying close to home these days. I've created this Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt list printable. It's a totally free download. Please enjoy the excuse to… Continue reading Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

hanukkah activities for preschooler
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Hanukkah Activities for Preschoolers

In my world, the best Chanukah activities for my preschoolers are the ones that they can do mostly by themselves, are not super messy, and they learn something. Here are three of my favorites that are great for any home or classroom. Hanukkah Number Recognition and Counting Hanukkah gives us so many great opportunities to count… Continue reading Hanukkah Activities for Preschoolers

Dreidel Printable Header
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How to Play Dreidel Printable

What is a dreidel? A dreidel is a four-sided top used in a game played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Each side has a Hebrew letter: nun, gimel, hey, and shin. What do the letters on the dreidel mean? The letters stand for the phrase "nes gadol haya sham". It means "a great miracle happened… Continue reading How to Play Dreidel Printable

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Visual Summer Calendar 2018

My daughter's preschool teacher gave a visual calendar every month with what they'd be doing at school.  My kids loved looking at the calendar to see what was happening today and what was coming up.  After school ended, I asked her for the file she used and she gave me permission to share it with… Continue reading Visual Summer Calendar 2018