Best Free Road Trip Printables

I’ve scoured the internet looking for the best ways to keep my kiddos busy on a road trip. I’m not one to shy away from screen time, but after a few hours on the road even that can become boring. Here I have compiled my list of the best free road trip printables.

Most are version of tic-tac-toe for staring out the window on the drive, but remember that not all window views are the same. If you’re driving on smaller roads the restaurant bingo may work, but for long highway stretches you’ll do better with road signs or car manufacturers.

Road Trip Bingo for Country Roads

Road Trip Scavenger HuntMake and Takes

With summer upon us, it’s time for family road trips! Whether you’re visiting family or friends, maybe Mickey and Goofy or just headed to the beach, I’ve got a fantastic Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Printable for the kids! Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Once again I asked the amazing illustrator Juliann Law to whip up this … Continue reading

Road Trip BINGO – Housing A Forest

I created 8 different Bingo boards.  Each board has the same objects just in different spots.  I like to laminated our Bingo boards which makes them reusable.  When you find an object on your Bingo board, simply cross off with a dry erase marker.  Once someone has won, wipe all the boards clean with a cloth.  Like with regular Bingo, before you start determine what type of Bingo you will be playing. More >>

Road Trip Bingo for the Suburbs

Restaurant I Spy – 3 Boys and a Dog

Have you been on a search for some fun road trip printables for kids?  This i spy road trip game might be best suited for a very long car drive since it includes so many different restaurants. But, I am sure the kids will have fun trying to keep their eyes peeled for these logos … Continue reading

Road Trip Bingo for Highway Driving

I Spy Road Trip Bingo! – That’s What Che Said

Whenever you have to spend more than 15 minutes in the car, with kids, you know you better come prepared! These I … Continue reading

Road Trip Road Sign BingoThe Suburban Mom

The game will print with two boards on one page. Kids can mark off the road signs as they find them with pencils or stickers. We use clipboards to keep our printable games organized. More >>

Classic Road Trip Games

Road Trip License Plate Game PrintablePaper Trail Design

This road trip license plate game printable is a great car ride activity for little kids and adults alike. You can use the road trip printable for as an activity for the whole family to work on together on or as a competition between family members. Find each state from Alabama to Wyoming on a license plate. More >>

Road Trip Printables for Kids: Tic Tac Toe3 Boys and a Dog

Summer is coming and with it comes road trips – lots of road trips!  Do your kids start to get antsy after a few hours?  How do you keep them entertained?   Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some fun road trip printables for kids to help you keep them from uttering … Continue reading

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