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Visual Packing Lists for Kids

I love getting my kids involved and challenged in our every day life. Today we needed to pack for a trip, so I created these Visual Packing Lists.  My kids have different skill levels, so I created two different models.  Both files are FREE for download and fully customizable on Microsoft Word or Google Docs.


  1.  Remember, this is not a speed competition.  Your kiddo will move slower than you would.  The goal is to get them involved.
  2. Make sure their clothes are accessible.  It could be organized in drawers or a basket of clean laundry dumped on a bed.  Doesn’t matter, they just need to be able to find stuff.
  3. Have them make a pile before putting the stuff in the suitcase.  A pile will allow you to check out what they’ve picked out.  Some kids make great picks, some kids decide they only need one pair of underwear for a five day vacation.


Packing List with Pictures consists entirely of pictures.  This model is usually best for preschoolers who do not understand how numbers work yet.  Just copy and paste the images and quantities of the items they need to pack.

Packing List with Pictures


Packing List with Quantities consists of pictures with spaces for numberical quantities.  This model is usually best for preschoolers and elementary aged kids who are not yet reading, but can understand numbers.  Just copy and paste the images of the items they need to pack and hand write or type in the quantities they’ll need to pack.

Packing List with Quantities




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    This list is exactly what I was looking for! What a great idea! Thanks for making it free and easily downloadable – you really saved me a lot of time!!!!

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