Powder Room Transformation with Photowall

Before & After Powder Room Wallpaper Transformation

I have been dreaming of putting bold wallpaper in our white, builder-grade powder room for over ten years, so I was so excited when Photowall reached out and said that they’d like to collaborate with me.

Finding the Right Wallpaper Design

Inspiration pic.

This photo of Nicky Hilton’s living room has been in my phone as inspiration for years. I love the the bold colors and started scouting Photowall for the perfect design. They have over 100,000 options, but luckily they’re sorted into categories and each one gets render into a room so you can imagine it in your own space.

Ordering Wallpaper, Tools, and Bathroom Accessories

Photowall sells custom printed murals, not wallpaper. This means that it’s one big image instead of being a pattern that repeats. During the ordering process you put in your dimensions a choose what part of the design to include in the print. You also have a choice of the quality of paper. I went for the more durable premium paper because it’s going to be in the bathroom and I have children.

This is the one I chose:

The bathroom accessories:

Matte Black Towel RingMatte Black Toilet Paper HolderMatte Gold FaucetVintage Brass Light FixtureRound Matte Black MirrorBlack Outlet CoverBlack Light Switch Wall Plate

The tools we needed:

Photowall sends powdered wallpaper paste with the rolls of paper and gives you a recommended supply list. Interestingly the only place I could find the tools I needed was on Amazon. As well as the tools specifically for installing wall paper, you’ll need a bucket for mixing the paste and brushes and/or a paint roller for painted the paste onto the wall.

Installing the Photowall Wallpaper

Let me first say that my husband is very handy and loves having a project to do, so he did all of the heavy lifting for the install. This included taking out the sink and toilet, fixing the holes in the walls, and painting the one wall that we weren’t putting paper on. Hanging the wallpaper is a manageable project, though ours was made much more challenging because I decided to paper a tiny room with three corners. If you’re plan is to put a mural on one large wall, you’ll have a much easier time.

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