Challah with a Twist

Friday night Shabbat has started to feel more like a chore than like a holiday, so I’ve been working on ways to change things around.  The first thing I did was start making Grape Juice Slushies.  My kids love these, so it’s an easy healthy treat.

I’ve also started experimenting with different challah flavors.  I’ve been using Mandylicious Challah‘s basic challah recipe in my bread machine.  It’s moist, sweet, and delicious.

The challah recipe makes two loaves.  I made one with chocolate babka filling and one with cinnamon bun fillings.  I looked up the ingredients that go into these fillings and then just created them by taste.  I’ll definitely been working on more precise recipes in the future, but sometimes I just want to play.

Creating Challah with a Twist of Filling


Make your challah dough.  I like this recipe.  After you separate your dough into 3 pieces, roll them into snakes, and then roll them out with a rolling pin.


Put in your filling and fold your dough over to close it up.  Try to make it tight enough that it won’t leak (it will still leak).


Braid your dough, and follow the rest of your recipe.

chocolate challah

You can use this technique to fill your challah with all kinds of different flavors.  I’m looking forward to trying jams, apple butter, and even pesto.

For more inspiration follow Mandylicious Challah on Instagram.

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