Rosh Hashanah for the Busy Non-Bakers

Our tradition says that Rosh Hashanah is the anniversary of the creation of the world.  So why not throw the world a birthday party!

I heard about this tradition from a rabbi who is so busy during this time of year that their family needed a easy tradition for the kids to look forward to.  It’s a great way to acknowledge the holiday especially if you’re busy and not much of a baker.

All you need for this one is a birthday cake and maybe some streamers (my kids love streamers).  Whatever will get your kids excited.

You can buy a grocery store cake and have them write on it for you or make a box cake at home.

Happy Birthday World

I got a custom cake design printed for this occasions.  Many grocery stores and bakeries can print a custom image onto a cake for you, but I like to have them printed by Print n Eat on Etsy.  Print and ship the custom edible cake topper and then I can put it on a cake that I make myself.  This year I’m using the design below.

Happy Birthday World 5779(Rosh Hashanah 2018 = 5779)

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