Rosh Hashanah Cards – A craft and a mitzvah

We’re so busy these days that sometimes looking at photos on Facebook feels like keeping in touch, but I know we need to do better.  We have elderly relatives who I know only see what my kids look like once a year when I send out Chanukah cards and I definitely don’t call enough.  It’ll be great to get these in the mail and know that I’ve brightened someones day and what an important lesson to teach my kids.

I sat down with my kids and all our supplies.  Initially I thought that they’d make all of the cars, but kids can only stay interested for so long.  It was fun for me to participate as well.  I like to remind myself that the point of this exercise is to make our loved ones feel special, not create perfect cards.  Let the kids have fun and let yourself just play.

As far as supplies, I’ve been on a hunt for apple related items this year and I’ve been kind of disappointed.  Fall seems to have become very pumpkin focused and back-to-school doesn’t have many apples.

My kids can’t write yet, so having them decorate the fronts with stamps and stickers is just right.  I ended up getting bee and apple stickers at Michaels, Dollar Tree, and Amazon.  I got washable gold stamp ink from Amazon and the stamps I’d purchased around Chanukah time at Michaels last year.

Decorative Bits

RH cards-2
  1. Fall Foam Stickers
  2. Bee Stickers
  3. Apple Stickers
  4. My First ColorBox Inkpads, Gold

Blank Cards

Blank Cards
  1. Blank Folded Cards – Amazon
  2. Blank Folded Cards – Michaels

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