Best Potty Training Products

When it comes to potty training every family and every kid is different, but these are the products that made life a whole lot easier for us.

 1.  This toilet seat is the best. It eliminates the clutter of the separate potty seats and you don’t have to clean it like the little potty chairs. The kid seat magnetically sticks to the lid, so it’s only a kid seat if you need it. It comes in two shapes, so make sure to get the one that matches your toilet.

2.  Part of potty training is teaching kids to do things for themselves.  These light switch extenders make it so they can turn the lights on and off by themselves.

3.  Accidents are part of potty training, so you need to be prepared.  This Urine Remover is AMAZING!!

4.  Boy Undies for EVERYONE!  Underwear for little boys is thicker and therefore more absorbent than girls underwear.  Definitely helps eliminate some of the mess when they have an oops.

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