Purim For Preschoolers

I’m always looking for activities to do with my kids.  I’ve been making more of a conscience effort to include Jewish activities whenever possible and Purim is an amazing opportunity for all kids of fun.  Check out my video on what we’ve been up to:

The Purim Story can be a challenging one to make kid friendly, especially little-kid friendly.  I found this great telling of the story.  It talks about Haman wanting the Jews to “go away”.  This works a lot better for me than explaining that the gallows were being built.

Purim Story for Small Kids-4

We also made these great puppets.  I had the printed sheets waiting on the kitchen table for my kids one morning.  We had a great chill time coloring them, talking about the characters, answering a lot of questions, and then acted out the story over and over again.  It helped that the story above gave me the words to make it fun and accessible.


One of the tricks to making hamantaschen dough is that once you make it, it needs to chill.  My little one and I made the dough, but then weren’t going to be able to make cookies for a while.  In order to keep her busy, and prevent a tantrum, we practiced folding hamantaschen with Play-doh and checkers.


And I wouldn’t be me without recommending another video.  This is a great version of the Purim story with a few modern twists and Ester sings a chant that my kids have been saying all day!

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