3 Easy Ways to Decorate Hamantaschen

Purim is a time to bring out your goofy side.  I love this holiday because it’s fun for everyone, but it can also be a lot of work.  I’ve created these three super easy ways to make your hamantaschen stand out from the rest.  They work on homemade cookies, but can also dress up store bought cookies.


Sprinkle Cookies

  1. Form hamantashen
  2. Put in freezer for 10 mins.
  3. Paint with egg whites (a carton of egg whites WILL work for this)
  4. Dip head-first into a bowl of sprinkles
  5. Bake like normal (if they’re already cooked, bake 350 for 5 mins)

For the best deal on sprinkles, check the ice cream section of the grocery store.


Chocolate Drizzle

  1. Melt chocolate (candy melts or wafers) in the microwave
  2. Scoop into plastic bag and snip the corner
  3. Drizzle
  4. Wait to cool


Cookies with Eyeballs

  1. Melt chocolate candy melts in the microwave
  2. Scoop into plastic bag and snip the corner
  3. Make dots with chocolate & place candy eyes on top
  4. Wait to cool
  5. Giggle at the absurdity

Basic Hamantaschen Dough

Basic Hamantschen Dough

Baking Essentials*

* These are affiliate links. They won’t change your shopping experience at all, but will help me buy some extra sprinkles for my hamantaschen.

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