Jewish Kids from Scratch: Where to Start

I have so many friends who are interested in raising their kids Jewish, but didn’t grow up practicing and just don’t know where to start. Other than following me, these are some resources that I love and you’ll love too!

PJ Library sends your kid a new Jewish book based on their age for FREE! The books are about Jewish holidays, Torah stories, stories that teach Jewish ethics, and recently they’ve been doing a lot of books about diversity in families. They also hold local events, which are a great (and often free) way to meet other Jewish families in the area, no strings attached.

Kveller is an online publication that caters to modern Jewish moms. They have a wonderfully diverse group of writers who talk about their personal Jewish experience as well as great issues in the Jewish community. It’s also a lot of fun.

Alma is the site you need for keeping up with what all your favorite stars are saying about being Jewish. Take their Instagram quizzes on who’s Jewish and who’s not. They also have a slew of talented writers who share their personal Jewish experience.

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