5 Last-Minute Passover Desserts

In previous years, I’ve left the dessert portion of our seder meal up to the professionals.  Year to year there is only so much I can do, so buying dessert was a shortcut I was glad to take.  This year however, I’ve made 5 desserts.  All of them quick and delicious.

  1. Easiest Chocolate Cookies for Passover: These cookies are super chocolatey, soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside.
chocolate cookie-2

2.  No Mixer Pesach Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares –

The fact that they’re made with almond flour was an added perk because it makes them a bit healthier. It also means they have protein which is helpful when kiddos aren’t always eating as much dinner as they should 

3.  Fruit Sorbet from frozen fruit

I was amazed by how easily this came together.  My little one has been trying to steal spoonfuls out of the freezer since I put it in there.  Just blend up the frozen fruit, mix in some simple syrup, and a little lemon juice.  We made strawberry, but I can’t wait to experiment with more flavors in the future.


4.  Coconut Macaroons are such a classic!  This year I opted to make my own instead of buying the canned variety.


5.  Lightly Candied Pecans – These pecans were easy to make, easy to snack on, and will probably be a go-to snack all week.

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