hanukkah activities for preschooler

Hanukkah Activities for Preschoolers

In my world, the best Chanukah activities for my preschoolers are the ones that they can do mostly by themselves, are not super messy, and they learn something. Here are three of my favorites that are great for any home or classroom.

Hanukkah Number Recognition and Counting

Hanukkah gives us so many great opportunities to count to eight!  For this activity, we have a numbered menorah with coordinating numbered popsicle sticks for matching.  You can also put the correct number of stickers or small items climbing up each candle.

Play-doh Dreidel Letters

The dreidel has four Hebrew letters on it.  Rolling out Play-doh to make the shapes of the nun, gimel, hey, and shin. It’s a great way to get to know the letters and what they stand for.

Hanukkah Play-Doh Dreidel Letters

Washi Tape Hanukkah Menorah

Kids get to make their menorah any color they want with washi tape. Just give them some of that easy to rip colorful tape and this template. They are so beautiful that they always end up on my walls.

Washi Tape Menorah

Play Dreidel

The game of dreidel is a classic way to celebrate the holiday.  It is great practice for taking turns, counting, the math concept of one half when you spin a “hey”, fine motor skills for spinning the dreidel, and dealing with the disappointment of not always spinning a “gimel”. Find out how to play here.

How To Play Dreidel Printable

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