Tu Bishvat Seder Plate Craft

Tu Bishvat is a really fun holiday to celebrate at home with kids.  It is like the Jewish Earth Day!  To celebrate, this year we’re going to do a Tu B’Shevat seder.  This seder plate craft is a perfect way to talk about Tu Bishvat while making something that you can use year after year.

During a seder you eat fruits from three different categories.  The first is fruit that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, like oranges, nuts, coconuts and bananas. The second category is fruit that is soft on the outside and a pit in the middle, like peaches, mangoes, and cherries. The final category are fruit where you can eat the whole thing, like figs, grapes, and star fruit.

As a craft, the kids and I made plates for each of these categories.

Materials List:

  1. Clear Disposable Plastic Plates
  2. Tissue Paper
  3. Mod Podge
  4. Foam Brushes
  5. This Printable

Download my printable:

Start your Tu Bishvat seder plates by coloring the centers of the printable. I’d recommend using crayons, since markers may run once you start adding the glue.
Next, cut out the centers and place them on the bottom of the seder plates facing up, so they’re visable through the plate. Adhere them to the plate by covering it with the Mod Podge.
Completely cover the bottom your seder plate with mod podge and tissue paper. Try overlapping it to make fun color combinations.

Let them dry and then they’re ready to go. Enjoy your Tu Bishvat seder plates!

How to Lead a Tu Bishvat Seder

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