Tu Bishvat Activities for Kids

Tu Bishvat Activities for Kids

Tu Bishvat is a totally underrated holiday and one that is perfect. These Tu Bishvat activities for kids are super easy and engaging ways to celebrate at home. Tu Bishvat is a holiday celebrating everything that trees give to us. It is timed to coincide with the blooming of the almond trees in Israel. Though it often still feels like winter where I am in February and March, this is our spring holiday. There are so many fun Tu Bishvat activities for kids, like tree related crafts, fruit filled treats, and more.

Thankfulness Tree

Tu Bishvat Thankfulness Tree

I love talking about all the ways that trees help our lives. For this activity I hang a blank tree trunk on a wall and every day for a week, we come up with reasons that we are grateful to trees. They produce food for us like fruit and nuts. They are habitats for all kinds of animals. They provide necessary for our environment to keep air clean and their roots prevent erosion. They also provide us with all sorts of materials when they’re cut down.

Fruit Discovery Activity

One of the traditions during Tu B’Shevat is to try a new fruit. There are so many wonderful options out there these days. I love visiting my local international grocery stores. For this activity, I specifically pick fruit that are one color on the outside and a surprise color on the inside. We take time to guess what was inside and then have fun of cutting them open and finding something magical. It’s like one of those unboxing vidoes, but the fruit version.

Tu Bishvat Granola

Tu Bishvat Granola Recipe

While I love making desserts with my kids, we can’t just eat sweets all the time. I adapted this granola recipe to include fruit from all of the three categories we eat during a Tu Bishvat seder. For my fruit that’s hard on the outside and soft of the inside, I add coconut. For the fruit with a pit, I use dates. For the fruit that’s entirely edible, I add raisins. I also add a bit of cinnamon which is actually tree bark!

Tu bishvat pretzel trees

Chocolate Pretzel Trees

This recipe is so much fun! Not only do you get to eat trees, but I’ve made this recipe kid-safe. It involves no heat or appliances, so your kids can get fulling involved in the cooking process. Find the recipe here.

Tu Bishvat Seder Plate Craft

Tu Bishvat Seder Plate Craft

Part of the Tu B’Shvat seder is eating fruit from three different categories. This craft with the free printable allows you to make colorful seder plates for your table.

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