Passover Activities for Quarantined Kids

Having the kids home all day every day means that I’ve bene scrambling to come up with activities for them. They need to use things we already have in the house and if it’s something they can do independently, even better. These Passover activities are perfect for quarantined kids (and parents).

Seder Plate Craft for Kids – Free Printable Template
This paper seder plate craft for kids is easy to print and craft and is great for a variety of age groups. It’s one of my favorite Pesach ideas for kids because it’s open-ended and easy to adjust for your needs! 

Origami Jumping Frogs
What would a seder table be without an infestation of hoping frogs? This video gives a very good step-by-step of how to create your own jumping frogs.

Watercolored Burning Bush Art Project
This is a fantastic art project using a fun water technique. Supplies needed: Crayons, Paper of any kind, Markers, Spray bottle with water, Gallon Ziploc bag

Duct Tape Afikomen Holder
This project is perfect for older kids. It will be fun for hiding your afikoman and will probably be the beginning of a lot of other duct tape creations.

Marbled Paper 
This will probably be a two day activity. You can do it in blues and make water and you can cut it into a couple of pieces and glue on paper as the parted red sea and then kids can draw in people.

Salt Painting 
For young kids, I would draw a couple of pictures with glue and sprinkle the salt on for them ahead of time and the kids will be able to do it the next day when it is dry more independently. You could write Hebrew Words, draw the parting sea, plagues, any part of the story, parts of the Seder, anything. Older kids could draw with glue one day and then paint the next.

Ocean in a Bottle (Red Sea in a bottle) – Creating this calming bottle and talk about how to waters parted. If your kids enjoy a things that are a little gory you can put some drowning Egyptian soldiers in there or make it red like the rivers of blood from the plagues.

Passover Coloring Sheets – These are great for coloring, you could laminate them into place mats, or even use them to wrap afikoman prizes. These sheets are for sale on Etsy, so you’ll also be supporting a Jewish artist.

50 Things Kids Can Do For Passover – Granted this list was created a few years ago, but some of it still applies during quarantine.

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