50 Things Kids Can Do For Passover

I want my kids to love all Jewish holidays, but I definitely know that some are more accessible than others.

Planning for the Week

  1. Think of fun Passover snacks
  2. Learn about how matzo is made
  3. Watch a Passover cartoon
  4. Make a shopping list
  5. Help find all the items in the grocery store
  6. Put the new food away
  7. Pick a special outfit for seder
  8. Talk about your Passover memories
  9. Look through a children’s Haggadah
  10. Make a seder plate

Cleaning Out the Chametz

  1. Find foods that we’re not going to eat
  2. Talk about the ingredients in cereal, crackers, and bread
  3. Check expiration dates on other food
  4. Donate unwanted food
  5. Wipe shelves
  6. Eat up all the extra chametz
  7. Make signs for cabinets/shelves we’re not supposed to use
  8. Use little brush and dustpan to clean up crumbs

Preparing for Seder

  1. Learn to sing Dayenu, Chad Gadya, and the Four Questions
  2. Make a list of what we need for the seder plate
  3. Find the seder plate & matzo cover
  4. Count the chairs & haggadot to make sure we have enough
  5. Help move chairs
  6. Set the table
  7. Make place cards
  8. Make salt water
  9. Peel hard-boiled eggs
  10. Rinse parsley
  11. Put matzo in the matzo cover
  12. Put pillows on chairs

During the Seder

  1. Use their number to find the right page
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Point to the items on the seder plate
  4. Walk around the table to pass out the parsley
  5. Say the blessings (slowly)
  6. Dip your finger in your wine glass
  7. Taste new things
  8. Act out the Exodus story
  9. Hunt for or hide the afikoman
  10. Sing songs
  11. Clear the dirty dishes
  12. Open the door for Elijah
  13. Watch Elijah’s cup to see if he drank some

During the Week of Passover

  1. Make matzo brei
  2. Bake from a Kosher for Passover mix
  3. Read Passover books
  4. Make matzo pizza
  5. Watch a Jewish movie
  • Yes, you’ll notice that there are not plague related activities here.  Part of our tradition is to take a drop out of our wine glasses for each plague, to take away some of our happiness because these were events that hurt people.  I prefer to stick with that mindset and not turn the plagues into something fun.

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