Favorite Passover Recipes 2018

Passover eating is hard.  Passover eating with kids is hard.  Cooking from scratch most nights is hard.

If you had asked me a week ago how many nights I week I cook from scratch.  I probably would have said 4 or 5.  After a week of actually cooking almost every night, I can tell you that that was not true.  Next year I need to do a much better job of meal planning and prepping.

Despite the challenges this year.  I did have some great successes.

  1.  Quinoa cooked with chicken stock – I cooked mine in my rice cooker and the kitchen gobbled up a whole bowlful.  I love that it’s packed with protein, but has the texture of rice.
  2. 2-Ingredient Lazy Meatballs from Busy in Brooklyn –  This recipe is SO easy and fast!  I ate mine with spaghetti squash and my kids ate it over quinoa.  You could of course also make it with zucchini noodles or Manishevitz makes Kosher for Pesach noodles.

  3. Matzo Meal Chicken Nuggets – Chicken nuggets are a kiddo classic all year round, so I had to do some experimenting to make sure we’d have them during Passover.  My kids are these so fast that I didn’t get a picture of them on a plate. The best ones are fried in a pan. I’ve tried baking them or spraying them with oil and baking them, but they still end up dry.Check Stories or Highlights for the videosRecipe:

    1.  Cut chicken breasts into chunks. 

    2.   in potato starch, egg (with a little salt), matzo meal (with onion powder). 

    3.  Then fry them in oil on one side and then the other.  Drain on a paper towel.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.34.18 PM

  4. Eggs, eggs, eggs.  Seriously!  We go through so many eggs that next year I might have to buy a few hens for the backyard.  Scrambled eggs with cheese, eggs with potato kugel in them, fried eggs, etc.



5.  Pesach “Rolls”!  I see people making these all over my feed and I’ve figured out why…. they’re good.  Well, they’re way better than expected. Ours came out of the oven after dinner and everyone ate one anyway.  They definitely satisfy the fluffy bread texture that we miss. I used the recipe from kosher.com


6.  Lightly Candied Pecans – Snacks are key to making it through the week.  These pecans were an easy way for me to get my kids to eat some nuts.  They also worked as a great topping on top of “matzah cereal” and chocolate covered matzah.


7.  No Mixer Pesach Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares –

When a non-Jewish friend asked us over for dessert I panicked. How was I going to explain our dietary restrictions?  Should we just postpone?  Then my husband reminded me that we could bring dessert. (Duh!)  

Once again I turned to a recipe that it seems like everyone is making. The No Mixer Pesach Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares from Between Carpools.  The kids helped stir up all the ingredients right in the pan and we served them with ice cream.  

The fact that they’re made with almond flour was an added perk because it makes them a bit healthier. It also means they have protein which is helpful when kiddos aren’t always eating as much dinner as they should 


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