Custom Anniversary Artwork

Our anniversary was approaching and I had an idea.  I loved the speech that the cantor who married us delivered at our wedding.  It was special and personal.  She spoke about our love story and the connection she’d seen between us at our pre-marital counseling sessions.  I even remembered a lot of it.

It had been five years, but I sent her an email asking if she still had the speech.  We were no longer members of that temple, but I’d continued to send her Chanukah cards every year.  Guess what?  She had it!

After I received the speech I contacted a graphic designer on Etsy to see about having the text turned into something nice to hang on our wall.  I picked out a couple of phrases that I wanted highlighted in the design.

energy, zeal, commitment, and humor”

a partnership”

when you know, why wait?”

fearless with each other”

your two spirits were searching for each other”

The designer was concerned that this was a lot of text to fit in one image, so I sent her a pictures of our ketubah (Jewish wedding document) to assure her that I understood what it would look like.  She used some of the text as a detail image in the background.

Once it was completed, I had the image printed as an 11×14 at Staples Print Shop.  They do a great job.  It’s fast and super affordable and then I framed with a stock frame from Michael’s.  (Gotta love the 40% off coupon.)

Since hanging in it, I’ve seen several guests go over and start to read it.  I even go over and read it sometimes and someday maybe my kids will notice it and read it.  It’s so nice that our love story us up on our wall.


Resources I used:

isla_280x280.17939336_cy7xgeyu     Untitled design-2

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