Last-Minute Purim Costumes

I feel like there’s always so much on my plate, that something is bound to fall through the cracks.  I’ve always wanted to be one of those families that have clever, matching, homemade family costumes.  In reality, I’ve made some homemade costumes for Halloween, but Purim always end up being last minute affairs.  I’ve pulled together some easy ones that take very little planning.

If you have time to order a few things for your costumes.  Check out  I made this Minion costume with a turtleneck, overalls, and hat from them.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.10.41 AM.png is an online consignment store.  I’ve used them to sell extra clothing and they’re great when you need something specific for a costume.  Their prices are great and they often have deals on FREE shipping.  They also have a whole costume category!


1. Old Man / Old Woman – Grey hair, curlers, glasses, shawl, robe, bow tie, grey mustache

DIY-old-man-costume  DSC_7106

2. Olympian – Track suit or athletic wear with a gold medal (DIY Medals)


3. Super Hero – Cape

super hero cuffs 10 

4. Face Paint! – *(Face Paint for Kids)

e29ca911bbeb2136c9bab10e5fa2f3a9  d86b0098c9ccb7d8f8255d155447333c

5. Scuba Diver


6. Lumber Jack – flannel shirt, jeans or overalls, hat, maybe a little scruff


Grab some more inspiration from my Pinterest, Amazon, or

Last-MinutePurim Costumes    *Last-MinutePurim Costumes-2   *swap

*These are affiliate links.  It won’t change your shopping experience, but will allow me to buy some more sprinkles for my challahs.

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