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Colorful Sukkah Decorations

My main focuses when decorating our family sukkah is to keep things easy, weather resident, and inviting for the kids. I have two girls, so instead of doing traditional fall colors, I’ve been decorating our sukkah in purple. Here are my favorite easy ways to create colorful sukkah decorations.

What is a Sukkah?

A sukkah is a temporary hut that we build and spend time in during the eight days of Sukkot. A sukkah must have at least 3 walls and the roof of the sukkah must be made of natural materials with enough space between them that you’re able can the stars. We eat as many meals as possible in our sukkah during Sukkot.

Sukkah Walls

Wall Tapestries

Fabric Tapestry
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For the back wall of our sukkah I’m using a purple and gold tapestry that looks like a galaxy. I bought mine off of Amazon, but there are tons of online outlets for these. Wall tapestries come in all different size and styles and can add a whole lot of color and interest to your space. Do quick search and you can fine styles that include photographic nature scenes, tie dye, retro drawings, and more. I cut holes along the top and sides of the tapestry and attached it to my sukkah using zip-ties.

Custom Canvas Sukkah Walls

Another one of our walls is a project that we started last year. I bought a canvas drop cloth from a home improvement store. We invited friends over and all painted in our own spot on the canvas. In order to keep this homemade touch from making my sukkah look mess, we only used acrylic paint in colors that matched the other decorations I was using in the sukkah. That way the kids could use whatever mess of paint they wanted and it still would look like it was meant to be there. We also left some room on the canvas, so that we can add to it year after year.

Shower Curtain Wall Decor

Yep, Amazon has a whole variety of Jewish shower curtains.

Sukkot Fabric Garland

This year our colorful sukkah decorations will include creating a fabric garland. It’s important to me that our decorations are weather resistant. Where I live, it’s almost guaranteed to rain a lot during Sukkot. I also love that this craft involves reusing materials we have around the house or scaps of fabric that would have otherwise been tossed in the trash. For this all you need is some rope and strips of fabric. I used some clothing that the kids had grown out of, extra fabric from a mermaid costume I’d made, and strips of scrap fabric that I’d purchased from Etsy. To put it together, make a loop with your piece of fabric, wrap it around the rope, and pull the ends through the loop. Again, I stuck to colors that coordinate with my sukkah design. You could put them on in a pattern, but I like the random homemade vibe.

Where to Buy Sukkah Decorations

The last thing I do to get ready for Sukkot is keep an eye out for all of those end of summer sales. Again, I love color in my sukkah, so summer is perfect time to pick up fun outdoor tablecloths, melamine dishes and serving pieces that are durable and stylish, and even fun string lights. 

Sukkot Blessing Printables

These printable sheets are great to keep in your sukkah. They include the blessing for the lulav and etrog and the blessing for sitting in the sukkah. I like to laminate a copy for us and to share with anyone who visits.

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