Family Room for High Holidays – UPDATE

I have been creating a nursing room for the High Holidays at my congregation for several years now. When I was nursing my kids, I always had a bit of stress about where I would nurse them during services.  Especially on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we were in services for a long period of time.  Everyone knows that if you want even a chance of having a quiet kid, you need to feed them.  There was a separate room that had speakers in it, so you could hear the service, but that was open to all of the coughing people and teens.

In an effort to help out the other mamas in our congregation, I found a room and designated it a quiet area to nursing room for High Holidays with this sign. I block off the windows in the door for privacy. I make sure that there is a comfortable chair.

Traditionally, healthy adults fast on Yom Kippur. This can add an extra layer of complication for nursing mothers who decide not to fast. For that reason, I make sure to have healthy snacks and water available for the mommies. I also include some kid-friendly snacks and a few toys for older siblings who might be tagging along.

NOTE: This post has been updated to be more inclusive of all the ways that babies are fed and all the people who do it.

More Stuff for Jewish Mamas

Nursing Room Snacks

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