Hanukkah Pajamas Round-Up 2018

I love getting special matching Hanukkah pajamas for my kids every year, but they're often hard to find.  Here are the sets that I've found that come in multiple matching sizes.  I hope to add to the list as the season gets closer.  I'd also recommend keeping on eye on Zulily, they have ever changing stock,… Continue reading Hanukkah Pajamas Round-Up 2018

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Creative Tips for Picky Eaters

I recently posted a question on Instagram about what foods your kids won't it. It turns out that everyone has these issues. I know there are plenty of articles on the internet of how to sneak healthy foods into your kid's diet, but here are my tricks. 1. Get Perspective - If you talk to… Continue reading Creative Tips for Picky Eaters

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A Meaningful Yom Kippur As A Mom

Yom Kippur often stands out of me as the holiday that just feels different once you've become a mother (or are pregnant).  Had you asked me before I ever became a mom if fasting on Yom Kippur was important to me, I probably would have shrugged.  There were years when I fasted and years when… Continue reading A Meaningful Yom Kippur As A Mom

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Help Your Kids Enjoy Services at Temple

The idea of bringing kids to temple can be overwhelming and stressful and every congregation has a different tolerance for kiddo noise and squirms.  I have been bringing my kids to services with me for a long time and also teach religious school, so here are some of my recommendations for making it easier. 1.… Continue reading Help Your Kids Enjoy Services at Temple